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Janitorial Services in New Orleans, LA

Janitorial Services in New Orleans, LA

Janitorial Services in New Orleans, LA

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Securing dependable janitorial services in New Orleans is simple when you call the experts at FlatOut! Cleaning Services. Locally owned and fully trained, our janitorial services have been keeping New Orleans offices clean and businesses.

Our use of highly trained, hands-on supervisors and accessible management ensures that you will receive the best customer service and quality care for your janitorial needs in New Orleans. Small enough to understand that customer service is key, yet large enough tackle large janitorial jobs in New Orleans, janitorial services by FlatOut! Cleaning Services makes sense.

Why choose FlatOut! Cleaning Services to provide janitorial services in New Orleans:

  • Scheduling to fit your needs
  • 24/7 services
  • Consistent dependable technicians
  • Advanced safety training and full compliance to OSHA standards
  • Professional supervision and management teams
  • Full selection of services to ensure thorough cleaning and maintenance

Our Cleaning Makes You Shine!

FlatOut! Cleaning Services does the dirty work, leaving you looking great for clients, customers and employees. We provide the following New Orleans janitorial services:

  • Floor care
  • Carpet care
  • Upholstery
  • Window cleaning
  • Dusting
  • Breakroom cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Restroom sanitation
  • Trash removal
  • Paper product management
  • and more!

We look forward to fulfilling your New Orleans janitorial service needs!

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New Orleans, LA

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Kenner, LA

70062, 70063, 70064, 70065, 70097

Metairie, LA

70001, 70002

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Janitorial Services in New Orleans, Louisiana


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Welcome to FlatOut! Cleaning Services

Welcome to FlatOut! Cleaning Services

FlatOut! Cleaning Services has provided superior commercial and residential cleaning services in New Orleans and surrounding areas. Whether you are searching for a commercial or residential cleaning company to provide reliable, regular house cleaning, office cleanings, janitorial, landscaping, restoration VCT floor stripping and waxing, window cleaning, all of the above and more, FlatOut! Cleaning Services is a name businesses and residents trust for cleaning.

The FlatOut! Cleaning Services Difference

There are many commercial cleaning companies in New Orleans. We take pride in being the one that cares about your business. You need a commercial cleaning company that will arrive to scheduled meetings and appointments on time. One that is accessible to you when you need them. You expect to arrive to work each day to find place of business fresh, clean and ready to welcome customers and employees. FlatOut! Cleaning Services can be that New Orleans commercial cleaning business for you.

New Orleans Commercial Cleaning: Your business is an extension of you. Each day business should flow smoothly, but any mess could prove to get it the way. Let us help pave that way with professional cleaning.

New Orleans Office Cleaning: From floor to ceiling, your office will be dusted, vacuumed and welcoming to customers, employees and guests. Extra cleanings for holidays and special events are not a problem.

New Orleans Residential Services: Keeping your home clean is on thing, but getting it FlatOut! Cleaned is on a whole other level.

New Orleans Condo Cleaning: Whether you’re living or renting, let FlatOut! Cleaning Service make your condo presentable for any purpose.

New Orleans Move In/Move Out Cleaning: Moving can be a very strenuous process. With our detailed service whether you’re moving in or out we will get the job done.

New Orleans Janitorial Services: Cleaning is done to your specifications and your schedule. Regular cleaning programs include trash removal, paper product restocking, carpet and hard floor maintenance. Your building will be maintained in prime condition with FlatOut! Cleaning Services providing your New Orleans janitorial services.

New Orleans Floor Scrubbing & Cleaning: Just because it undergoes a lot of foot traffic, your floor still need care. We scrub, we buff, we maintain any kind of floor: tile, grout, carpet, wood, etc.

New Orleans Floor Stripping & Waxing: Whether a New Orleans floor stripping and waxing program or regular floor cleanings, FlatOut! Cleaning Services is well equipped to handle all of your floor cleaning needs. We can clean any type of flooring.

New Orleans Tile & Grout Cleaning & Restoration: Tile and grout can be a pain when damaged, and over time can depreciate if not properly maintained. We clean, we restore: call FlatOut! Cleaning Services and schedule your appointment today.

New Orleans Upholstery Cleaning & Restoration: Do you remember that fresh sent, look and feel of your new upholstery? Over time this impression wares off and you’re left with an old run-down piece of furniture that you don’t know how to restore. Let our specialist revitalize your life.

New Orleans Carpet Cleaning & Restoration: Spots and stains and odors disappear. FlatOut! Cleaning Services will leave your New Orleans commercial carpeting fresh, clean and looking new again. Add years to your flooring investment with a regular New Orleans commercial carpet cleaning maintenance program.

New Orleans Stain & Odor Removal: Bad stain, fowl stench: it doesn’t matter, we use top-of-the-line equipment to get the job done. Bye bye stain, good riddance odor.

New Orleans Air Duct & Gutter Cleaning: NADCA’s rule of thumb for consumers is that “if your ducts look dirty, they probably are.” Allow our technicians to ensure that clean air ducts and gutters are no longer a problem.

New Orleans Medical Cleaning: Medical offices contain illness causing germs that can spread through a medical office for days. We provides a hygienic focused approach can assist in reducing the spread of infectious disease and illness causing germs.

New Orleans Disaster Cleanup: In the immediate aftermath of a disaster, we are prepared to handled complete cleanup promptly and professionally.

New Orleans Window Cleaning: Insides, outsides, screens and sills will sparkle when FlatOut! Cleaning Services handles your window cleaning in New Orleans.

New Orleans Fleet Cleaning: Make your company shine with fleet cleaning services by FlatOut! Cleaning Services. Mobile power washing service to clean your cars, trucks, buses, rail cars, and more.

New Orleans Construction Cleaning: FlatOut! Cleaning Services provides thorough yet quick cleanup of construction sites.

New Orleans Green Cleaning: Green cleaning services by FlatOut! Cleaning Services is a great way to minimize indoor pollutants in the workplace.

New Orleans Pressure Washing: Keep your curb appeal with FlatOut! Cleaning Services’ pressure washing service. Nothing like a power washing to keep your property looking great.

New Orleans Event Venue Cleaning: Having an event? You’ll need a FlatOut! cleaning to make the best image. We provide imediate services that clean to impress. Give us a call today!

New Orleans Porter Services: Keep your establish clean throughout the day with FlatOut! Cleaning Services’ Porter Service.

New Orleans Outdoor Cleaning: Just because it’s on the outside doesn’t mean it can be neglected. Cleanliness in neccessary inside as well as outside. Let us acheive this vision for you!

New Orleans Landscaping: A law is a thing maintained and cared for. Let us shave and trim that forrest of a law for you. We provide the maintainance and care you need. Just give us a call now!

New Orleans Foreclosure Cleaning & Property Presevation: We offer an array of services that protect and preserve our client’s collateral throughout the period of the foreclosure process or the sale of property.

New Orleans Junk Removal: Too much junk, and nowhere to put it!!! We can help with that. Contact one of our specialist today to discuss how we can help you get rid of that unwanted junk for good.

New Orleans Organization & Clutter Reduction: Clutter on the outside can cluttle the mind on the inside, and being unorganizing could be the very thing that causes failure at the very moment you need that one thing to succeed. We have trained specialists who can help orgainize and clearify your life starting right now, so call!

New Orleans Miscellaneous & Special Request: We pride our selves in the excellence of services that we provide to others, but we are not always able to list them all in great detail. If you have a type of cleaning that needs to be done, we will depatch our best to see that it is accomplish. Call us to learn what we can do for you.

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New Orleans,